Our first recipient is the Pellino Family.  
Recently, Jason and Kelly Pellino (with two children of their own) were given the opportunity to assume custody of Kelly’s niece, Michelle (10), and nephew, Wayne (8). Their story is a powerful one of family, love, support and compassion. Kelly’s brother and sister-in-law struggled with addiction. This illness adversely affected their family; creating an unstable environment for their children and compounding their special needs. Sadly, their mother lost her battle with addiction.
Their father began to regain his life, successfully working through sobriety for a year and a half. However, between trying to beat his addiction and the special needs of his children, the struggle became overwhelming for him. He asked his sister if she would be willing to assume custody of his kids.
The Pellino Family said yes!
In a whirlwind of activity, they have moved Wayne and Michelle into their home; providing stability and consistency so important for managing autism, ADHD and ODD. The children are adjusting well in school and are already benefiting from the programs offered to support their specific needs.
The Pellino’s have a long road to navigate – with many therapies, counseling and special needs programs – but they have no doubt this is the right path. The unconditional love and support provided to Michelle and Wayne have changed the trajectory of their lives.
A bright future awaits them!

Our second recipient is Jennifer Delucia.
She is a valiant warrior who fearlessly and tirelessly fought her battle with lymphoma, beat it down and was well on her way back to a more vibrant life!! However, Jennifer encountered a setback that landed her in the hospital for nearly 100 days this past Spring/Summer... and she found herself battling once again. Her husband David and daughter Elyse are pleased to say that her cancer is back in remission, but due to her compromised immune system, she contracted pneumonia and has been battling complications with her heart and liver. 
By God's grace, Jennifer is home but requires extensive physical and occupational therapy to regain her stamina. Her rehabilitation will be a long process, but we know that she is a fighter and will see this battle through. We also know that she does not fight alone!
We join her with support and encouragement!

2019 recipients

All proceeds will be split evenly between the two families.

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